Danish Crown
Live and work in the netherlands

Food Packer at Danish Crown

Danish Crown - an innovative company that continually strives to improve what it does – from farm to fork – so people around the world can enjoy tasty meals, with full confidence. The company has roots back to 1887 and the Danish cooperative movement, so responsibility towards society, employees, owners, the farmers, is part of its DNA.

At this moment we are searching for motivated employees who love good food and traditions.

Danish Crown is a meat factory which produces bacon. The factory is divided in different buildings with different kind of jobs. It starts with Production after that cooking department and Packaging. Separate departments are Expedition, Cleaning and Quality control.

The atmosphere in the factory is good, there are people working from all different counties and cultures. 

There is hard work, employees speak loud at each other because of the noise the machines make (we use earplugs for this). It is not very cold at around 7 degrees, except in the freezer and at the ovens .
Each department has its own team leader and department head. They communicate with employees on the work floor. In every building there is a canteen where people can eat / drink and where there is a separate room for smoking. Here are also the coffee and tea machines, this is free. 

- At least basics of English language
- the EU nationality
- ability to work at least 6 months

Company offer:
- fixed and stable hours
- accommodation
- transport to work
- all help to get started working in the Netherlands
- long term job


21 and over € 10,77 
20 years € 9,05 25,00%
19 years € 6,80 90,00%
18 years € 5,93 25,00% 

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