Work in the netherlands

Work in the Netherlands. Try Hessing!

Would you like to work in the Netherlands? We have positions at Hessing - food production company which is located in two cities: Helmond and Zwaagdijk. 

Your duties:

  • Cutting, peeling, preparing, selecting, properly checking on quality and packing. The work is quite physically demanding.
  • Cleaning machines with chemical agents and water.
  • Packing of bags.
  • Packing of meals/trays.
  • Working on a conveyor belt.
  • Cutting/washing/sorting products using a knife or machine.
  • Stacking pallets and driving a forklift.  

Company offers:

  • Health insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Help with documentation in the Netherlands

Workers usually live in double rooms. It is very welcomed if you would like to come and work with your friend or a relative. You can also find housing on your own if you wish.

That will be organized by the company. Normally company's cars or bicycles. 

From 12.00 EUR/hourly. 

Work conditions
Temperature is around +3-6 degrees C. You will get a jackets

Main requirements:

  • English language
  • the EU nationality

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