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Would you like to start working in the Netherlands? If you are adventurous person who wishes to look further than his or her own horizon, then can help you to find the best job in the Netherlands according to your requirements. It may sound as an exciting dream, however, if you apply, we can translate this exciting idea into reality.

The Netherlands maintains a flexible and competitive economy that benefits from openness to global trade and investment and from an efficient regulatory environment that encourages robust entrepreneurial activity. Monetary stability is well maintained, and the judicial system, independent and free of corruption, provides strong protection for property rights. All this makes this country so attractive to work in.

Our website helps job seekers to find the best job proposal in the Netherlands. Forget all expensive ways to come this country and start working. When you decide to come and work in the Netherlands, we will help you with all legal jobs, accommodation and administration. What is more, we will also help you to plan your trip to the Netherlands and we will meet you at the airport. Furthermore, we provide accommodation for you which means that there nothing to worry about before leaving your native country. We understand that start living abroad can be hard to deal with; that’s why we will introduce you to your new neighborhood, rules, social norms in the Netherlands.

We’re looking for people who work or have work-experience in the profession of welders, technical engineers, installers etc. Even if you haven’t had a specific training or education, you’re welcome to apply. Many of our partners provide proper training to new employees. You can read more specifics on our page.

What is more, we always have jobs for unqualified personnel in such sectors as logistics, food industry, metal factories, constructions, agriculture.

If you are willing to start your personal adventure, then feel free to contact us by email or phone. The simplest way is to register on our website so that we can contact you in 24 hours with a proposal to come to the Netherlands.


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Working in the Netherlands: what's it like?

Job offers

The Netherlands ranks third out of 38 nations in the OECD Better Life Index for work-life balance. In opposed to the OECD average of 11%, only roughly 0.4 percent of Dutch employees work extremely long hours on a regular basis.

However, with a population of only 17 million people and the fifth-largest economy in the European Union and the seventeenth-largest in the world, the Netherlands has a serious labor shortage. Currently, there are 126 job openings for every 100 jobless persons. The following are some of the most regularly advertised jobs:

  • Cleaners
  • Lorry drivers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Mechanics
  • Telesellers
  • Electricians
  • Software developers
  • Advertising and marketing specialists
  • ICT workers
Many Dutch residents travel to the major urban regions of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague because to the great public transportation infrastructure (a conurbation together called the Randstad). More than 60% of employees travel to work, with a half-hour round trip deemed usual — sometimes even on a bicycle.

If you work for a multinational firm in the Netherlands, English will most likely be the lingua franca. However, expect watercooler banter to be in Dutch. In keeping with the country's social equality, businesses have a relatively flat structure. Instead of being omniscient authorities, managers should be facilitators. In Dutch corporate culture, it's normal for an intern to talk with the CEO directly.

Tax system

Wages are similar to the worldwide industry average, albeit they are lower than in the United Kingdom and the United States. The average yearly gross wage is roughly €36,500, or €2,816 per month, however this varies greatly depending on industry, experience, talents, and credentials. The monthly minimum wage in the Netherlands for employees over 21 was €1,701 as of July 2021 (€9.82–€10.91 per hour depending on the working week). Freelancing is also a popular way to earn money. Around 1.1 million people work for themselves as self-employed individuals without employees (zelfstandige zonder personeel), generally known as zzp'ers.

Due to the high taxes in the Netherlands, retirees in the Netherlands have it quite easy. Anyone living or working in the Netherlands is usually covered by the Algemene Ouderdomswet, the Dutch state pension (AOW). The current retirement age is 66 years and seven months.