XPO (deep freezer)
Live and work in the netherlands

Would you like to work in the Netherlands? We currently have a job offer for those who are not afraid of coldness - we are looking for motivated warehouse workers in a freezer.

Job duties:
Order picking of deep-frozen products for Albert Heijn with a headset. You will need to fulfil the orders to the supermarket. With a headset you hear where to go and how much you should pick of the products. After confirmation you give yourself, you hear the next product to pick. In this job English language is very important.

For logistical companies no special personal hygiene is requested, but due to safety rules no piercings, no jewelry or fake nails are allowed while entering the production area. Also in the Netherlands it is mandatory to have your ID card with you at any time, so also when you go to work. Because the work is in a logistical warehouse where you also work with food it is important one follows the HACCP rules. 

From -18 C to -24 C
You will also get special clothes.

Company offers:
- All help while arranging documents in the Netherlands
- Accommodation support
- Transport
- Long and stable job
- 40 hours per week + overtime
- salary from €10.93 per hour + up to €1.20 extra bonus + 0.2 € temperature bonus. You can make 12.33 € per hour.

- good physical health
- the EU nationality
- good English
- ability to work in cold environment

Company name XPO Supply Chain Netherlands B.V.
Address Marga Klompéweg 10, City Tilburg
Website https://www.xpo.com/

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